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Kleo - Private Readings and Client feedback

Kleo is available for private readings by phoning 0403 616 644. Private readings are undertaken at 21 King William Street Adelaide by arrangement.

Private readings are usually one hour long where Kleo undertakes 2 or 3 types of readings including cards to assist each client.

Kleo is an accomplished clairvoyant, psychic, palmist, medium, numerologist, coffee-cup oracle and tea-leaf reader who has over 20 years experience in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Many overseas and interstate tourists to South Australia regularly include a visit to Kleo as a part of their South Australian travel itinerary.

All information and personal details discussed with clients remains confidential.
Private readings are undertaken with respect to a client.s cultural or ethnic background.

Clients contact Kleo for many reasons-some of the circumstances include :

  • changing careers
  • moving interstate
  • fertility problems
  • children's issues
  • starting a business
  • relationship issues
  • whether to come out
  • selling or buying a house
  • overseas travel
  • career success

Feedback from a few of Kleo's clients ( permission given by all clients )

  • "Kleo predicted when and how I met my husband-to-be. She predicted his nationality, his career and the big changes I'm currently living through in 2010."
  • "In 2007 Kleo predicted I'd have my first son -she even predicted when he would be born. When I met Kleo to show her my baby son she informed me that I was pregnant again. Two days later this wonderful news was confirmed by the doctor."
  • "I have found Kleo's readings to be compassionate -she talked through my circumstances with empathy -and she motivated me to look at myself a little differently."
  • "Kleo predicted in 2010 that I'd suddenly leave South Australia and a long term job and move to Sydney within 6 months-and I did!"

Kleo has read for international and national rock stars, musicians, film stars and directors, writers, television producers, directors and celebrities, sporting stars, artistic directors, opera luminaries, dance divas, stage and costume designers, world travelers, inventors, politicians, diplomats and people from most professions.

Private readings for celebrity clients can be undertaken with specific confidentiality agreements arranged by either of Kleo's agents.