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ATE 2010- special guest appearance at Australian Tourism Exchange May 2010 where Kleo has been recognized as one of Australia's key tourism personalities. See Kleo Photo Gallery.

Ch9 Adelaide news May 2010 appearance at ATE 2010 event held at Wayville.

Laminex March 2010 guest cooking demonstration appearance with Matt Michaels -contestant from Master Chef ®

Ch7 Adelaide Today Tonight appearance March 2010 when Kleo was a food critic for a Tasting Australia cooking demonstration held at Adelaide Central Market.

Ch9 Adelaide Postcards appearance October 2009 when Kleo described fortune telling in Morocco. See Kleo Photo Gallery.

SAFM October 2009 Single and Fabulous Party where Kleo read for guests. See Kleo Photo Gallery.

Laminex October 2009 Girls Night In where Kleo appeared to support a Breast Cancer Fundraising event. See Kleo Photo Gallery.

Bridal Photographic appearance featuring interior design by Inside Morocco in October 2009.

A Television appearance for Australia Network 1st July 2009 - viewing audience of approx 300-400 million. Internet audience of 80,000 per week. In this live recorded interview Kleo discussed how it felt to be a clairvoyant, its challenges and interesting experiences with clients.

A Radio appearance for SAFM - listening audience of approx 30,000. Kleo appeared in the October 2008 Halloween Special where she accurately predicted that Heath Ledger would receive a posthumous Academy Award in the February 2009 Academy Awards, and that Heath Ledger's family would fly to America to receive the Award in their son's honour. In this interview Kleo discussed how it felt to be a psychic medium, her experiences as a clairvoyant and the origins and superstitions concerning Halloween.

A Radio appearance for SBS Alchemy radio show in 2006 where Kleo discussed palmistry's uses in traditional and Asian medicine. Kleo discussed the many cultures that have used palmistry for fortune telling and the different ways of predicting the future through the palm.

Printed and internet media appearances for:

Adelaide Advertiser - seehttp://player.video.news.com.au/adelaidenow/

In this recorded live interview Kleo accurately predicted the outcome and specific match details of the 2009 Australian National Soccer A-league grand final. This live digital recording was filmed 2 days before the game. The reading by Kleo was published in the Adelaide Advertiser the day prior to the game.

Kleo has appeared in:

  • Adelaide Advertiser
  • Adelaide Matters
  • Adelaide Review
  • Adelaide Sunday Mail
  • Messenger Press
  • Various airlines in-flight magazines
  • South Australian tourism magazines